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Short MV of TOUCH Ono Kensho!!!! > w < )/


小野賢章 -「TOUCH」


岡本 信彦 「未来スケッチ」

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Kuroko no Basuke S2 Vol. 5 NG


Third season of Kuroko no Basket is confirmed!

The 27th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine confirmed that the production of a third season for Kuroko no Basket has been green-lit. No news about when the new season will start running yet.


「グッドラック」by Okamoto Nobuhiko

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Sample song of Junketsunaru Ai _Aspiration-!!

I’ve actually listened to this just this morning (I hate my hacking skills) but luckily the announcement for the sample songs are out so here it is!!! This sounds so majestic I’m like wow Camus really? ^ A ^ )/

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Sample song of AURORA!!

I might like this more than the first!! It’s actually quite relaxing compared to his other songs. That Love me part though… >////<

Kimura : “O….Onii-chaan…!!!!!”

Terashii : "No…what„what are you doing, lemme go„,lemme go.. (>.<)"

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